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Feature 02

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 6, 2015, 2:28 PM

Feature 01

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 22, 2014, 11:42 AM
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my stock guidelines

Features Using My Stock Imagery

Winter Landscape by QAuZ
Dream Source by M-G-Studio Broken by djz0mb13 
The Biker by crilleb50 Every Little Moment by ObscureLilium
Vlad Tepes by crilleb50 OT by RalphSt 
Ragnar by silinrul-venoch


Features of Other Stock Providers

Stock: Bryce Canyon wideview by Celem Frozen Lake by EveLivesey
GREEN FAIRY II by jlior Big Gun, Number One - Pose Reference for Drawing by SenshiStock FAIRY GRAVEYARD by jlior
Andalusian Lunge run by xxMysteryStockxx Grey Andalusian 15 by xxMysteryStockxx

Stock Updates

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 17, 2014, 10:57 AM
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my stock guidelines

Okay, so I am everywhere with my ideas. I can’t stick to one thing because I am always making changes and deciding how I want things to be, regarding what I do and what I have to offer.

I had not been very active on deviant art for maybe about a few years or so, but yet I still get traffic everyday—not near as much as when I was always posting things every day, but it still says something to me. So this gave me a realization all over again that deviant art is a community, it’s a place where you can network and do helpful things for one another and spread kindness, love, or whatever it may be that helps another artist.

I had stock collections on my personal website, but they didn’t seem all that popular, no more than 70 downloads as the highest in span of about maybe six months, which is very, very weak and yet ideal for someone who hasn’t done much to network with anybody, haha. So I have removed the stock collections and offered a selection of hand-picked images to make it so that you don’t feel overwhelmed with so much too choose from. I think I'll do what I used to do, and post stock photos here where it's an actual community where we can communicate with one another, but my website will still have other resources as well. I'll just make everything correlate with one another.

I took some of my older stock photos out of storage. I was hesitant at first because they aren't high-res like my new stuff, but if it's just to simply help you express an idea, then that should be okay, right? Here's a few of them:

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Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 10, 2014, 12:33 PM
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my stock guidelines

I didn't realize that I received a DD on one of my photos in the recent past!
Featured by CelticStrm-Stock
Thank you! :heart:

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I've finally started making larger stock collections per adventure. I will have a lot of collections to put together since I am going back to the photos from a few years ago.  You can download them from my website here.

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I've been lingering around deviantArt when I felt inspired to upload a photo on night-fate. But most of my days I have spent posting photo blogs or working on resources.

Ever wake up with a sudden thought that changes your perspective on things? Yeah, so....immediately after I woke up this morning, the first thing that popped into my head revolved around these lines: "Since I am only posting stock packs on my site, which not many people seem to notice; what if I continue to post individual photos on deviantart to at least rebuild my once-awesome stock reputation so that I can at least be considerate of those who appreciated all I ever did, instead of focusing on the morons that did me no good?"

That would mean that there were already so many awesome stock users that cared about using the imagery with respect, that it outweighed the inconsiderate users and abusers. I can sit around and feel guilt that I am not sharing the stock that I want to, just because of a few bad incidents in the past. But you can't always control what you want, so you just have to put trust in yourself and those who support your work, and then focus on the good people that respect your resources, and then you will see more of that instead of those who harm your resources.

I am on the verge of tears because I am so overwhelmed with the thousands of photos that I have in folders that I don't touch after I post a simple, quick photo blog. The quality of my photos and new adventures in the last year have been amazing! And I'd like to share them again. I love deviantART! I know they would really help you guys, considering you may be having a difficult time finding the right images at times. So maybe my new photos will help you.

I am taking some of my photos out of storage and updating the descriptions to something more clean and simple, and I also updated the rules--which are the same really, but they just don't look long and intimidating. They're more soft, gentle, and straightforward.

Now one of my intentions was to hopefully direct viewers over to my exclusive freebies on my personal site. That's where I will post my stock packs.

Okay, now I feel excited! :excited: I hope you guys aren't too disappointed in me. I mean, I am unhappy with myself and that every month I'd look back and feel bad about my indecisive behavior regarding how I should share my stock. I guess it's also because I put so much time and effort to capture the moments through lots of travel with my companion, and along our journeys we encountered mistakes and problems, and so I've let the personal things like that decide what I post or don't post. But if I wanna upload like I used to, then it will have to be a professional mentality, not "Oh, I don't wanna post it because it reminds me of how I failed to take charge of the drive home." Stupid emotional/mental stuff. Come on, I can do better than that! I want to begin uploading photos because I WANT TO, and you guys NEED THEM. :)

From now on, this should be a professional matter, not personal.
I haven't logged into this account for quite some time, but I wanted to confess that I kind of miss it at times. :hug:
But again, we sometimes need to move on and create new places.

I have a lot of imagery to provide because I have been shooting tons and tons of nature imagery since the last time I've posted something. And it has made me feel a little sad that I haven't been sharing high-res images that could be useful for so many artists out there!

I have been doing some deep thinking, and thought that perhaps I will maybe upload an image or two from some places I've been (which you can download here on this profile), but also have it link to my stock gallery if you want more.

It has seemed a little harsh for me to ignore a place that actually helped me grow and build a fan base, and not just that, but I have made wonderful friends and met lots of awesome people through this community. :heart:

When I pick out some images to upload, the same rules will apply here as they do if you download the images from my nightfatefateactions site. :)

How does this sound to you?

February 9, 2013

A quick update: I finally logged in and stored all of my deviations. Originally, some of you wanted me to keep them in the gallery so that you could link to the exact deviation so that you wouldn't be accused of stealing or using the stock without permission. So for now, just credit night-fate-stock (if you're using pics that you got from here awhile ago), and hopefully people will see this journal. :)

Also, I am not re-uploading all of my stock. I discovered that it would be too much work and I want to be able to control how much I offer. There's already plenty of people (especially on flickr) that do not acknowledge the stock providers that helped the creation of their artwork, by having the stock images the artist was looking for.

Whether you use my stocks that are currently available on my Night Fate Actions site, or if you use stock that is no longer available, it would be wise to credit because (A) if it weren't for the stock pics that are by others, then you wouldn't have created your art piece to help build your fan base or portfolio, and (B) it shows respect. If you do not credit, it's like literally saying that you are "using" or "taking advantage" of the stock photos to fulfill your personal needs. And (C) perhaps other artists want to use those pics for their artworks.

If you can type out a description and provide links to "your" websites or Facebook page, then there is no logical reason as to why you cannot credit on your flickr, deviantart, or facebook. In fact, on Facebook, you can just like my Night Fate Actions page, or Night Fate Photography page, and tag the pic that used my stock.  

Anyway, you can find a small selection of my stock in my new, personal gallery: here. and those rules/guidelines can be found here.

Removing Stock Pics!

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 3, 2012, 7:06 PM
I just wanted to forewarn everybody that I am posting my most favorite stock pics into packs that I will be providing on my new website! Which I should be launching tomorrow...IF the news letter sign up thingy gets fixed tonight!

This would mean I am going to delete all the pics off here , well actually "store" them. But I am going to be providing stuff on my new website. So I guess if you want to subscribe to the newsletter, I will send out updates when I post new products (actions, textures, stock). Plus, I will be selling my stuff there too, with discounts and promo codes!

I thought I could stick around dA a bit longer but I'm just not feeling it.

Either way, I am super excited to finally have my own site for my own products and freebies. My own space, yay!  This is the new start of getting myself out there again. I've been so distant from deviantart and it's time that I move on to my own website. :iconrockonplz:

I'll keep the pics here for a few more days or so until I save the ones I wanna put into packs.

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Important Update

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 25, 2012, 12:31 PM
I think that perhaps it's time to make an update.

I have felt emotionally sensitive but yet empty at the same time; confused and disconnected with the Earth, and emotionless through all the amazing places I've gotten to experience and photograph.

I have tons of photos of new places, but I haven't felt motivated to post them as stock, or even as a photograph on my portfolio.

I used to be very, very happy to see that my images have helped artists complete artwork for personal or commercial uses. But overtime, I realize that I haven't done much for myself--that I've done more to help others instead of myself.

I am basically going to upload some stock packages for sale, and the images will be slightly larger than the ones I upload. I downsize them to 3,800 px when they're naturally a little over 5,000 px, and totally high res of course!
But I really need to actually get something out of what I do. I want to make premades and offer original images 'as is', with the same rules applying, it's just that you'll be paying for exclusive, original, extra high quality images.

I am in a situation where I am battling anxiety, fear of life, fear of living, fear of everything, and I need to somehow please myself and support myself, cause I am living with my boyfriend at his parents house, and I am scared to fail, worried I won't get a job anytime soon, need to get my learner permit so I can get a driver's license.

I just need to sell what I do so that I can learn to be independent for myself for once in my life, and not be self-conscious what others may or may not think of the situation. Things have to start being about me on a personal level, otherwise I will continue pleasing others for free while I fall deeper into this oncoming depression that I try to deny, but mustn't because I need to face reality.

And I am waiting for my friggin' Night Fate Actions site to get finished. I think that once my designer finishes the store (which is like half way done!) then the other pages won't be as much work, but the store is always such a pain to work with and it's going to be a real e-commerce website, so that's why else it's been taking time.

In the meantime, I am going to sell some textures, actions, and stock imagery like I was doing at one time on deviantart. I just upload a preview, give description, and then the payment works through Paypal.

Okies...I think I feel a little better getting this out. I was thinking about it a few months ago, but now I've just wasted that much time :shakefist:
Better get started now, so that I don't regret it again.

In other words, I really appreciate everybody that has supported me and has enjoyed my stock and has respected everything about it. :heart:!

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thank you + new stock info

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 28, 2011, 12:17 PM
I am officially behind on saying "thank you" to each and every individual birthday comment on this profile, my night-fate and facebook.
So I should just say a big THANKS to everyone in general, although I like to show people I see what they type and give a special thanks to everybody
individually. So thanks :heart:!

I am starting to organize some photos I've shot in the last month, so that I can upload some new stock again!
I have a lot of ocean and sand dune photos I need to upload. I am thinking about uploading some into stock packs,
but the files will be so huge.
I have quite a few of Yosemite and lots of other stuff.
But I will have some new stuff maybe even today :)
I am just behind and it's overwhelming to keep up with things, considering I am getting older and have to find
my place in life; I just don't have the time that I used to have.
But whatever, I will continue to upload new stock! :)
I know I upload very, very few of each photo shoot I do, but I just like to be aware of what I am providing lol.
Otherwise, I'd upload at least 20 per photo shoot.


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Journal Entry: Sat Aug 20, 2011, 4:14 PM
I'd like to thank those of you who appreciate the work I put into providing stock!

It's a manual thing, meaning that I am not an emotionless robot.
I am a living human being with feelings and motivation to do what I do.
I see the ways my artwork and stock are abused, and I see the ways it is respected.
I see more than you think lol. Though I am not always public about certain things, I still
see a lot of stock abuse.

Well, I will admit I lack motivation half the time! haha, but I havew my days where
I am full of accomplishment, but most days I am just sitting on my ass
working on the computer, or I go on walks or hikes with friends to take new photos! :aww:

I'm not active like I used to be. I used to take the time to know artists who
used my stock often. But now I'm in more of a position where I fave art using my
stock when I feel like it, and share stock when I feel like it.
It gets old after  awhile, but what I will be doing is sorting through my milliions photos
and organizing them on my external hard drive, then I will provide stock packs again,
like textures and landscapes and  stuff like I used to.

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new camera and stuff

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 9, 2011, 8:34 PM my Canon 40D had a sudden error again, about a week and a half ago, and I can't pay to get it fixed anytime soon, but I did send it to Canon to find out exactly what is wrong with it and how much it would cost. It did the same thing last year and it was like over $120 +. I think that the body is just simply bad. But it's all I've got on my hands, or it's all I had.

Thankfully, my special someone ...:aww: is going to lend me their 7D for a few months. I actually have my first paying photo shoot this next weekend. But I will be so excited to upgrade for awhile and use a 11-17mm lens. I will have some awesome new landscape stocks and everything. I will try to capture a lot within the next few months, then downgrade to my other camera if we decide to get it fixed or whatever. It just depends. I would have the 5D Mark II if money was not such a bitch right now. Ughhh. So any money I can make this summer, I will save it toward the camera. I have connections :XD:
But I do hope to get out of the house and photograph people and scenery to get myself more recognized around my town. I am not as self-conscious anymore but I've gotta live like 2 months is all I've got to make a change!

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Journal Entry: Sat Jul 2, 2011, 9:38 PM
(a) Read the description before asking obvious questions (prints, offsite use, etc) if you ask one of those questions in a comment, and you never see a reply from me, it's most likely  because I've deleted all my comments due to overwhelming messages because I am not very, very active on this account. Just sometimes. If you absolutely have a question you'd like an immediate answer to, just simply send me a note cause I will be sure to read all those.

(b) No premades . I prefer my stock to be used independently and not remade into stock art that can be given out with different rules applying. Again, that's where you read the description before assuming. And WHEN you read the description you will see a link to a new journal with the new guidelines. However, I still need to update the older pics' descriptions. I only have like 6 of them up to date.
But I still appreciate those of you who have credited me, but the thing is, not even half the population reads descriptions to see if you credited, to see if your sources are valid, or if you say, "please read their rules too".

I love providing stock and I obviously can't control everything because you have to show that you, as an artist, is trustworthy and respectful on your behalf. I give because I love to share what I do, and because there was a time I was new to creating art and I was in desperate need for decent stock images. And now I am here to help those of you that like my backgrounds so you don't have to suffer finding it for free other places or whatever.

The newest guidelines are here:…

I guess I just want to be respected and appreciate those who play by the rules. There was a time I did not care how my stock was being used, but I've realized the time, near death-experiences, and distances I've been
regarding personal life and whatever, just to take photos to help people have easy access to stock imagery they can't provide or visit themselves, because of distance, life, or don't have the equipment to capture it, and so on.

Anyway, my camera is being bitch again. I have to send it in for an evaluation to see how much it will cost
to fix the "unknown" error. It can temporarily be fixed, but then it happens again. Arghhhhhhh.
I have thousands of stock photos to share, but I will be selling them in the near future but providing a few from each scenery I photograph so you get an idea what more I have to offer.

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videos and pics

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 27, 2011, 5:00 PM
I made a blog with videos and pics of my recent photo adventure:…


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Rules and Guidelines

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 26, 2011, 8:31 PM
last updated: april 23, 2015

My imagery is free of charge (meaning that you do not have to pay to download my high-res photos, and also meaning that you do not have to pay licensing fees depending how my imagery is being used or how it is altered). My idea of providing stock photography was to share my adventure of the world around me AND to offer it for struggling artists to use in their artwork. So my photos are aimed toward digital artists for the most part and not toward companies and corporations, because these rules and free downloads do not cover the commercial usage of big projects and advertisements; but it can be worked with if I am contacted and apply a stock website type of license to my photos that require a fee for the exclusive usage.  


  • • By downloading my imagery to any computer or device it does not mean you own the images, 
  • and it does not give you permission to redistribute or re-upload my photo files.
  • • Do not upload my imagery on other stock websites 'as is' or manipulated in any way.
  • • Do not upload my imagery on wallpaper websites 'as is' or slightly altered.
  • • And then of course do not download my imagery with the intention of claiming them as your own.


  • There's lots of stuff that I do allow, but I am kind of narrowing it down in the hopes that my imagery and work can be more respected. Please message me or contact me here (for faster response) if you have a question that these rules or usages do not answer. :)
           Common Usages:
  • • Photoshop Action previews
  • preview your photo effects using my imagery
  • Photomanipulations
  • blend multiple photos together; or use a background for a photo of a client 
  • • Photo edit practice
  • edit the colors and tones of my imagery for practice, however, this does not mean upload it to get credit for taking the photo or using it as an advantage to gain exposure and popularity, considering it's not entirely about the colors people are mesmerized about, it's also the photo itself. Please upload them ONLY on deviantart IN the photomanipulation category, and give me credit for the actual photograph. I do regular photography & not just stock photography, so I'd really not like my photography being edited to be passed off as someone else's 

  • • Paintings / Drawings
  • use my imagery as references for matte paintings, oil/canvas paintings, and drawing/sketching references

  • • Illustration for poem, story, or article
  • can be used to illustrate a story or something along those lines. Please provide credit 
  • • Wallpapers 
  • allowed in some ways. Do not make wallpapers out of my imagery with edited colors and tones or textures added. Please be creative and manipulate it or do something that does not resemble the actual shot itself 
  •  CD / Book Covers
  • you may use my manipulated artwork as book/cd covers. More on this under 'commercial usage'

  • • Tutorials
  • you may use my photos in tutorials regarding the making of your artwork. There's a little more mentioned at the end of the page.

Commercial Usage

This is aimed mostly toward digital artists who find my images to use in their photo-manipulated artworks, where my images are mixed with multiple images so that it does not resemble the original shot, or if it includes a 3D design with some creative typography, that's fine too.

In third-party situations, (where somebody finds my personal stock photos with underlying intentions of providing that one image to someone else), I should be contacted by the group or individual that needs the image, especially if it's only going to be altered slightly, or not enough to make it completely different than the original; or if it's to remain as the original shot itself. And this does not mean that a fee will apply. I just don't want my personal stock photography to be seen as a way of making basic edits with the intention of selling it to a band or author to use. Make it creative or let me, the photographer, be contacted by the one who wishes to use my image on its own, with or without any basic alternations or adjustments.


I would appreciate credit, however, I understand that there are situations where you honestly cannot credit at all. But if it can be done, do it!

  • Basic Credit (deviantArt, flickr, etc.) -  please credit night-fate-stock whether or not the images are available.

  • Instagram - Simply credit @juliamstarr

  • Facebook - Like my art page and tag your artwork that uses my stock.

  • Twitter @juliamstarr


I do not allow premades with my images. I prefer my imagery to be used from scratch and not manipulated into backgrounds that will be distributed under another set of guidelines or rules. 


You may print and sell your manipulated artwork that uses my stock. But I do not allow prints if you are allowing people to buy my photo 'as is' or altered with textures/colors while it still looks very close to the original shot. Manipulated with other images is fine, whether it's digital, drawn, or painted.


You may use my stock images in a tutorial in blog format, pdf format, video format, etc., but please do not upload or redistribute the original stock file(s). I prefer my photos being downloaded directly from my site, even if you need to contact me so that I can upload the individual file and provide you the exclusive link. I am also available to grant you permission if the tutorial is exclusive where files must be included. But please let me know! :)

The way that You treat my imagery determines what I upload, what I take down, or how the rules change. 

Let's be awesome and creative about everybody's imagery and respect that it's available for you to create your artwork.

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things to consider

Journal Entry: Fri May 6, 2011, 12:22 PM
Sorry for making this so lengthy! lol

I went out to take new pics of a friend out at the bird refuge, which is a mixture of green fields, dry desert ground, many, many birds and random water and ponds and huge-looking lakes in various spots. :w00t: So it inspires me to share more stock thoughts, again.

First of all, something I love about stock, or just being able to make art with stock images to express myself, is that I can find images of landscapes that are not in my part of the world in order to complete my art pieces.
And I would like to take a moment to thank every stock artist who has photos that I cannot capture here in my homeland. And honestly, my own photos never seem to help me express myself in my manipulations. I'm always finding pics of deserts or lava fields that are not anywhere near my home unless I drive forever or get on a plane and fly to Hawaii or something. Obviously something I cannot afford lol!
So I am thankful (in my heart) for those of you that take photos that I yearn for! And someday I hope to travel to those places to take my own.
Same with model stock. For example, I do not have pretty black dresses, black hair, or cute corsets, nor do I know anyone personally around town who has that type of clothing. But I like when I can find stock artist who have photos of that style (the common black hair, black dress, like dark romantic photos). I don't do those kind of photos so it's great to find artists who do! So let's all be thankful! :aww:

Okay, now here's some things that have been on my mind for awhile…just some things maybe we can all consider at times.

•When you find a stock photo that you want to edit for retouch practice, upload your pieces in the Photomanipulation category. When you upload it in the Photography category, not only is that saying, "This is my finished piece, not stock, do not use it," it's also saying that you took the photo, which is very inaccurate. But when you submit it to the Photomanipulation gallery , then like 90% of people will understand that you did not take the photo, and that you only used it as a practice piece to edit. So, uploading photography with minor edits or as is, is either if you took the photo yourself, or if you're the model in the photo, or if you had something to do with original the photo (costume design, makeup, etc).

•I allow my stock images to have color/tone/texture changes just so you can express your mood or whatever, but I do not allow it to be sold in any way, because the entire concept (regardless of the color/texture effect) would still be focused on the actual scene or object captured, which was taken by me, and I have more rights to my photo than a stranger does. And again, upload it in the Photomanipulation gallery.

•Making hateful/sexual/racist art and sharing it with everyone, is quite disturbing and disrespectful. However, I see it as being a way to express yourself, if you must, but I'd much rather you keep it to yourself, and so would most everybody else. That personally doesn't bother me, but uploading it so everybody can see…that can be bad. But just keep it to yourself. I've made some pretty weird things that were probably best kept to myself, and I've kept it like that, but it was just a reminder of how I felt that day.

• Stock providers are not obstacles. We are people who can really, really put a lot of time and effort into what we provide. So don't treat us like a hit-and-run. Kind of like a fave-and-run, but as long you're respecting the rules and stuff, it's okay :XD: I honestly do a lot of faving and running, but I still respect the rules, credit, and ask questions about certain uses if I am unsure.

•You may want to sometime consider on a personal level what it takes to go out and take photos. (Gas, money, driving, nearly dying in a car accident, etc). It's not like we're all invincible. I personally had near-death experiences from the lack of common sense in other people--their mistakes almost leading to my loss.

•Being a stock provider is a status, like calling yourself an artist of any type, or a mom or whatever. But either way, we're all people with lives and feelings and trials, and put effort into all the things we do just like any other artist.

•Most likely what you see, like an encouraging comment or a mean comment, can effect you depending how your personal day is going. it's not like it's just going to stick around on deviantart and not affect you when you're not at the computer, because deviantart is part of your personal life if your'e an active user. And it plays a role in your daily life. Not mine so much anymore, but it used to be a big part of my personal, daily life when I was a very active user. But now days when I get a stupid amateur rude comment, I just ignore it. It might affect my personal day little bit, but I don't let it get to me anymore because I hold the power to letting things hurt me, or to ignore them immediately so that it weakens its attempt to consume my mind.

••Which "photography" to use.

Photography - finished product
Stock Photography - unedited and incomplete for a reason

One of the main differences in "photography" and "stock photography" with the 'stock' in its name, is that stock photography is less restricted (maybe like 97% unedited), and photography is strictly copyrighted, and photography in general
is something that the artist has completed and does not allow it to be used in any way, unless special permission is granted.
When you look at my stock photos for example, they're pretty much natural and unedited (maybe a saturation adjustment) but they are incomplete pieces that are there for you to (respect, hopefully) and to use in your art to express your personal self. But if you look at my night-fate gallery and see what old pics I have in the photography category, those are in the photography category for a reason: they are my completed pieces that I do not want people to use, unless you get special permission from me.

•Stock has rules! Just because it's "free" (because you don't have to pay for it) does not mean you have full rights to the image unless you spent hundreds or thousands of dollars to buy the rights, or a very, very unrestricted license or whatever. Just because it's there and labeled as free stock, does not mean you can take it, practically claim it as your own, and reproduce and redistribute as apps or calendars or whatever. Especially if you're not being very creative with it.

•You don't have to be rude or disrespectful in comments to be considered "disrespectful" or a "stock abuser".  You can easily be considered that if you do not credit, or notify or comment that you've used their photo. Or obviously not following simple rules, and interfering with copyright.
For me, I just want people to credit and understand my stock concept and rules if that's not too much to absorb inside your brain. If it is, then put down that invisible wall. It doesn't bother me to not be notified or provided no links. So reassure yourself that you are following the site's rules and the stock provider's rules.
•Deviantart is a U.S. based website, so it doesn't matter if you are in another country with practically no copyright rules, but the fact is, you respect the site's rules based on its origin.

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stock worries

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 21, 2011, 4:21 PM
I sometimes become very paranoid.
I put a lot of time and effort to provide everything I submit,
and it helps You make art so that You can sell it if you'd like.
It's fine with me, but not if you're editing colors and tones using
basic image adjustments and/or textures.
If you want to sell your art using my stock, just be creative
so that it's not so much like the original that I captured with my signature style.
I upload the concept images like the heart, the key, etc. because I
know that people like to retouch those kinds photos and there's like hardly any
available as stock. And if you use them for coloring/texture editing practice, I do not
want them being used commercially or sold as prints.
Because the photo itself--the way I photographed the concept with my techniques (exposure, depth
of field, etc), isn't your photograph.

I don't upload very much anymore because I don't have anything new and interesting,
and because I begin to wonder if anybody is downloading and selling my images as they are,
taking credit and everything as their own.
Anybody can download the high res of my photos and do things I won't know about it, like
claiming it as their own, then using it as a book cover or on a calendar (as is, or with minor color/tone adjustments).

There's different kinds of stock restrictions. You just need to read rules and terms of use. Start by reading the website's terms of use. Some people say that stock is there because it can be used for anything without credit--no restrictions on how it can be used. It says "stock" so it can be used and abused. But you're only going to find that kind of freedom if the stock provider grants that kind of permission, practically saying "this stock is free. no credit. no rules. I don't care."
Even on there are restrictions. It's free because you don't have to pay for it, but it's not "free"
in the terms of, "distribute as is" and other conditions. And making premades using images is something
you still need to get permission to do, or it's copyright infringement.
There are sites where you can buy stock and use it for whatever, depending on terms of use.
And it practically is there for people to use if they are in search of something they have no
access to. But under certain terms and conditions, of course.
But the thing is, on those stock websites, the provider gets paid just a little. So that would not be a "free" stock website.

But by law, in general, you cannot claim the image as your own and/or redistribute as is,
because you do not own the rights to it unless you took the photo, then you can do whatever.

Anyway, I've seen a few my stock images simply edited with a faint texture and color change,
then used for a big commercial project without my permission.
It's been bothering me because I get nothing out of it. I love to provide stock
to help people make art to express themselves, but when it comes to
creativity and commercial use, I'm just not sure about it anymore.

If a band likes my photo and wants to use it "as is" but with
a texture and color adjustment, then they should be talking to me, not some other artist that can just
take my photo and get paid to spend 30 min editing it that much.
The time and effort I've been putting into everything is beginning to bother me.
Again, you can color/texture edit my stock photos to express how you feel, but then the photo still looks like "my" photo, so I would will feel insecure if you sold it.

I used to not care, but I've put so much work into what I've done.
To some extent you must consider on a personal level
what people do to go out and take pics; then time and effort, money spent, near death experiences, etc. etc.
You don't have to feel bad, but just realize that it's not like sitting at the computer in your safe house
taking screen shots of images you like.

So, what I will be doing, is selling stock packs once I get my website created.
And the images will require license agreement signature.

I could change everything so that people have to notify me to get the image sent to their email, but
that would be overwhelming. And I don't want to store my deviations because people have given me subscriptions
and that would be kinda rude to make this account inactive for awhile.
Or what I can do, is keep the images I have now, but watermark the best ones until I get things organized the way I want.

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stock pics and blogging

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 15, 2011, 1:37 AM
Oh my, it's almost 3:00 a.m. :giggle:
But I've been up organizing stock stuff and blogs. Zeeesh! I am more active late at night or in the afternoons.
So anyway, I've decided that blogging helps me feel better when I can share what I do.
I go out and take hundreds of photos, then only share about 2 or 5
as stock, then store them away forever. Or maybe upload some on Facebook.
But when I blog about the photos, it gives me a chance to share them so
I don't feel like I just go out on these nearly 2 mile walks in the cold/wind, take pics, hardly show anybody what I do,
then forget it. It's always bothered me! So blogging has personally made me want to
go out and take more and more pics and make it all useful :D
I have been taking quite a bit lately. I do have some new sky pics! That I think
will be useful.
I need to post those in a blog tomorrow with fields and sunsets, then
upload some as stock.
Wouldn't that be pretty cool? First upload the blog showing behind the scenes of
all the other photos I've taken, and then upload some of them as natural, unedited stock
with a link to the blog?
That's what I wanna do! I really wanna show what I do as a hobby for the time being.

Anyway, here's a blog I made a few hours ago:…

I'll probably upload some of the butterfly necklace pics as stock.

And here's the snow-covered pics:…

and my first "real" post:…
gah! those photos suck!
I've been improving a lot though.

So........ well, I should have some new stock this week :) I need to begin uploading stock packs again.
I have a huge winter collection and stormy skies and all that stuff! But I just get lazy when I think about it :lol:

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stock pics

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 26, 2011, 5:20 PM
I deserve a cookie!
I have been doing better at uploading stock pics. I hope I am not uploading too many at once.
I used to upload a few every week, but I am trying to at least upload
2 every day or so. But I try not to upload too many of one place all at once, unless it has a different mood than the other shots.
I assume people get bored easily if they see (practically) the same shot over and over (if it seems to be no different than the first two shots). So I try to capture the scenery during different weather patterns for the time being. It's winter at the moment, but sometimes the snows melts, sometimes it snows again, and the sky can really make it different-looking. I go out and take pics if the sky looks interesting. And I really like to capture a full scenery. I have quite a few shots that need to be merged together but I've been to lazy to work on that haha.
Anyway, I have sooo many photos I've taken since November, and I like them a lot because
that's when I started shooting RAW format, and they're a lot better than my older style that was
2816 x 1880 shot as jpegs. But since I've been working on a Mac computer since September, it's a lot easier to
work with RAW photos, compared to previous computers I had used. But hopefully in the near future I will be taking pics of new places. Until then, you'll have to cope with orchards and fields and mountains from my town :giggle:

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